Our Digital Signage solutions allow you to be showcased in front of a Fresh, LOCAL audience constantly throughout the day. Our network of billboards are strategically placed to allow our advertisers to have maximum exposure.

As a host location, we will work with you to create digital ad solutions to increase your sales to customers already in your doors! Trying to advertise a special, but can’t get the word out?

We are proud to be home to an array of digital billboards throughout the City!

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As a partner with LiveWire, you’ll be able to access your digital screens at any time to add/remove content! OR you can send images and text over for us to do Graphic Design to compliment your brand! (Design based on package tier)

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LiveWire & COVID-19

As a HUGE majority of our clients are restaurants, we’ve been making huge strides to help their businesses simply stay afloat. As our boards aren’t visible to clients as the locations are closed. Look for regular posting on our Facebook channels and making sure you’re seen more than ever with the social distancing we are all experiencing.

For new clients, we will do your design work and proofing. Then we will go through the same format to broadcast your information out before they are available to be seen!

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