Our Menu of Services

We have a huge variety of ways to fulfill ANY digital need you have. Below you’ll see a few of our combination packages and a list of À la carte options to increase the power of our services. Why just CREATE something? We don’t give you the tools to succeed, we enact them FOR you.

Primary Solutions

Just like it’s your job to be Amazing at what you do, it’s Our job to be amazing with your Digital Presence. Run your business, let us help you make it shine online!

Web Design Suite

✅  Interactive Web Site

✅  Mobile Optimization

✅  Social Integrations

✅  Secured Hosting

✅  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

✅  Regular Updating

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VIP Rewards Program

✅  In Store Loyalty Program

✅  New Customer Generation

✅  Social Brand Visibility

✅  Facebook Targeting

✅  Increased Retention & Return Rates

✅  Monthly ROI Report

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Online Ordering

✅  Vivid Online Ordering Platform

✅  Restaurant Designated Pickup Times

✅  Social Integrations

✅  Advanced Tracking Dashboard

✅  Tablet w/ Instant Orders*

✅  Kitchen Printer Integration*

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Help Me Do More

There are SO many things to do to run a business in this day & age, let us take some of the management tasks off your plate!

Facebook Posting

Facebook is a mystery to most business owners today, we can help! We work with you to design a posting cadence to target specific products, services or sales you have going on. It’s imperative to understand Social Media is a powerful marketing tool and how you can harness that to your advantage as a business owner. We will plan your posts out to ensure success and high brand visibility.

Starter Pack

$129 per month

3 Posts per week

FB Starter

Signature Pack

$189 per month

5 Posts per week

FB Signature

Entree Pack

$249 per month

7 Posts per week

FB Entree

Instagram Posting

Instagram is a powerhouse in the Social Media realm. Vivid images of your food, products in use or families enjoying your services go a LONG way! IG allows you to tap into a unimaginable number of followers. Are you missing out?! Many of our clients understand the power of Facebook, but have no idea how much they are missing. IG allows you to tap into a different audience, as the average user age range is 18-26.

Starter Pack

$129 per month

3 Posts per week

IG Starter

Signature Pack

$189 per month

5 Posts per week

IG Signature

Entree Pack

$249 per month

7 Posts per week

IG Entree

Text Marketing

Being able to reach out via Text / SMS to your clients is POWERFUL. Those are notifications that are always read. This is an ancillary service to our VIP Rewards Program. We will help you capture hundreds or thousands of numbers a month to then remarket to. Ready to try?

Add-on to our VIP Rewards Program. Required for Phone number capture. Data Rates will Apply.

Starter Pack

$129 per month

1 Text per week

Text Starter

Signature Pack

$189 per month

2 Texts per week

Text Signature

Entree Pack

$249 per month

3 Texts per week

Text Entree

Email Marketing

Email marketing is as powerful as ever! While social media and text have taken over the younger generations, we find that over 70% of people still use and in fact prefer contact via their email. We will help you to sell your products & services through regular emails to your customers. Utilizing our email marketing will create a dramatic increase in your flow of business!

Also works with the VIP Rewards Program where we create a database to be retargeted.

Starter Pack

$129 per month

1 Email per week

Email Starter

Signature Pack

$189 per month

2 Emails per week

Email Signature

Entree Pack

$249 per month

3 Emails per week

1 Monthly Newsletter

Email Entree

Graphic Design

Deploy brilliantly designed posters, fliers or digital ads using our graphic design services. We offer a variety of packages depending on your needs.

Design Starter Pack

$59 Per Month

1 Poster/Flier Design

Design Starter

Design Signature Pack

$109 Per Month

2 Poster/Flier Designs

Design Signature

Design Entree Pack

$199 Per Month

5 Poster/Flier Designs

Design Entree

Vivid Photography

Nothing showcases your products & services like brilliant photos all over your social media, website & printed fliers of any kind. Our photography sessions help stylize and show off your food or products to be more appealing to a viewing consumer.

Without great photography, even your best written content won't be seen! We have a variety of packages available for you depending on number of images needed!

Photography Starter Pack

$799 One Time

30 Final Images

Photo Starter

Credit Card Processing

We got tired of seeing our clients pay small fortunes for their processing. Cutting out a few middlemen, we became a distributor ourselves. This allows us to make SURE you get the best possible rates. You asking "why" yet? We feel that if we can save you hundreds or thousands in many cases a month on processing fees, it allows you to be more aggressive in marketing with us!

We offer Processing services for your business or your online ordering system alone.

Online Ordering Add-on

$39.99 per month

Process CC through your new store!

Online Processing

Review Response

An integral part of any digital personality is how you reflect and react to various reviews. Positive OR Negative, we help you to make both impact you in a positive manner. HOW you react to your customers reviews says a lot about your company. We will help you say it best!

Our software will help contact your recent clients, request a review & direct them based on the review. So, if you have a Positive Review, it showcases it on Facebook, Yelp, Google etc. If Negative, you'll get an email response to provide proper customer service BEFORE the review hits the web where it can't be taken back. This is power.

Review Generation & Monitoring

$199 per month

Positive or Negative, you control the response!

Review Monitoring

Combination Packages

Here are our Combination Packages built with tools and pricing to fill your needs and save your budget!

Half Serving

✅ Online Ordering w/ Web Landing Page

✅ VIP Program for Lead Generation

✅ Facebook Starter Pack

✅ Design Starter Pack

✅ Food Photography Session

✅ Promotional Video w/ Drone

✅ Monthly Detailed Reporting


✅ Online Ordering w/ Full Web Design Suite

✅ Credit Card Processing for Online Ordering

✅ VIP Program for Lead Generation

✅ Facebook Signature Pack Pack

✅ Instagram Starter Pack Pack

✅ Email Starter Pack

✅ Design Signature Pack

✅ Full Menu & Atmosphere Photography Session

✅ Promotional Video w/ Drone

✅ Monthly Detailed Reporting

✅ Monthly Promotional & Targeted Videos

✅ Full Restaurant Consultation

Equipment Packs

We offer a variety of technology to fit your needs. We have done the research to bring you the best solutions available!

Customer WiFi Pack

Simple & Easy. We provide a Top End Router to increase connectivity to your customers inside your building/venue.

✔️  Wireless WiFi Router

✔️  WiFi Access Trap

Customer Wifi Pack

Online Ordering

All the tools you need to "plug in" your new ordering system.

✔️  Order Management Tablet

✔️  WiFi Extender

✔️  Tablet Display Stand

✔️  Thermal Printer

*Required for printing capability

Online Ordering Pack

Massive Connectivity

Some instances, a Router just doesn't provide Full coverage. Our network designers will evaluate your location and design a custom solution for you.

✔️  Wireless WiFi Router

✔️  WiFi Extender

✔️  AC Mesh Integration

Massive Connectivity Pack