Thankful for a HUGE Shoutout from Dingle House Irish Pub!

Thank You Livewire!

THANK YOU @livewiremediapartners for everything you have done, are doing, & continue to do for Dingle House. We are so lucky 🍀 to be partnered with you guys.Need creative services for your business or restaurant? Give the guys at Livewire a call. The sky is the limit with these guys and they WANT to help YOU be successful!#proudpartners #partnerspotlight #livewiremedia #marketing #westchesteroh #dinglehouse

Posted by Dingle House on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Thankful To Have Client Testimonials Like These!

Will go the extra mile for their clients. I especially appreciate the vast array of services they can offer that works in synergy.

Russell Mikesell, Mikesell's Procare

Chuck is very knowledgeable when it comes to social media marketing, he is dedicated to getting results and it shows. Highly recommend Chuck and the LiveWire media team!

Joe Mckinney, HempXclusive

Just want to pay my respects, show my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Beyers from LiveWire. This gentlemen has went above and beyond to take my organization to top. From the moment I started talking business with Chuck I immediately got the vibration that my team and I were in excellent hands. Very passionate, attentive and helpful. Even voluntary with his time and energy in our beginning.
Everyone knows it takes money to make money. We must invest in our own dreams and ambitions to make them a reality. So if you are looking to promote your business or greater cause to a larger audience and make a name for yourself, look no further. I would recommend Mr. Beyers and the LiveWire team over and over again.🙏🙏🙏

Michael Taylor, BioTribe Holistics